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Linh Dam New Urban Area (Hanoi)

Linh Dam New Urban Area (Hanoi)

ling Dam New Urban is the first project developed by HUD in Hanoi with prototype of synchronzed infrasstructure system and self - sufficient social amenities. The project was awarded  the prize "The prominent Architecture of the renovation period" by Vietnam Architect's Association and recognized by the Ministry of Construction as one among two model new urban area project in Vietnam.

  • Scale: including 74 hectares of water features
  • Population: 20.400 inhabitants
  • Total building area: 990.000 Sqm
  • Starting date: June 1997
  • Completion date: 2008

In the project plannng design water feature was fully exploited together with high density of greenery and the presence of menurous green park. All creates the quality of life and the attactiveness of not only the project itself, but also the surrounding areas.

In the project, the fisrt high-rise apartment equipped with elevator of Hanoi was contructed. Creating a new model of mass housing development to meet urgent housing demands and to increase the efficiency of urban land user and the quality of life.

Linh Dam new urban area project has been reconigsed as a driving force to transform the sonthern gatewway area of Hanoi from an underdeveloped sunken zone tobe a livable urban district.

POINT (105.81769393134 20.96495713996)

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